Oct 24, 2011

Candy Shoes - A girl can dream

... And i'm dreaming big! This shoe season is insane from Alexander Wang to Gucci. I know a lot of us are dreaming with a specific pair of shoes, me? I'm dreaming with wedges, pumps & booties. And these are my favs:

Via 1234

Which one took your breath away?

Have a great weekend & good luck to every single person who's right now working for Honduras fashion Week. I have [stupids] exams, so i'm not going =(
But i'll make sure to show you the runways, trends & the people who will be there.
For more information go to: Fashion Week Honduras

Oct 15, 2011


Hello dears! Since weeks ago I've been thinking i need to do some serious remodeling to my bedroom. The lack of like-myself-decoration is already reflected. I'm very very very disorganized, i need to have lots of recipients, boxes or big spaces to feel that i can actually get to order a place & i'm pretty sure many of you, as me, had visited blogs or websites trying to get motivated or inspired to try to do something different to bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. 

I have showed you before part of my jewelry & makeup which i try my best to keep everything in place but i really need to organize my shoes & purses as well. There's no corner of my room filled with purses or stacked shoes, ughh!
So, that's why lately i'm not looking forward to new things on my closet or acquisitions in general, i need to know what i have, appreciate it & throw away what i don't need or in the best of cases, giving them to someone who will need it more than me.

By now i have some ideas, like these:

I have a small collection of necklaces & it feels so wrong that i don't have a special place for them. Instead of , i have saved them on "jewelry boxes"
I want a rack like this but in wood. I would like to move from one place to order if i want to make future changes.

This is another beautiful choice for necklaces. And the best of it is that i have a lot of place on my walls!

Now, for shoes .. oh God, shoes... I don't love the idea of having them in boxes with printed pictures of them on the outside. I would like to have them at a specific space, letting know everyone about my lovely shoes, like this:

What about the dressing table? I want it to look clean & every little thing in order, like this:

See how good does the brushes looks? & the rose gives a sweet touch

Let's move to nail polish  & makeup. I found a really good idea for polish! Instead of having them sorted by colors or infinite lines , let's put them into a transparent container which it would give you more space.

Good news for me: i have an exactly recipient like this! 

As for makeup, brushes & fragrances: it's all about the products or tools you're using, how you want them to stay at one spot or the frequency you used them.

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Until next time!
-Much love
Bon week-end!

Oct 8, 2011

Tela + an update

Blame to my vacations, a new quarter at the university, homework & not feeling very inspired. Combined all of this & that's how you'll know what i've been to these days.
This was the first week of school for a new quarter, i'm taking 4 more classes & I can't believe there's only two more classes next year & that's it. I'll be graduated. I LOVE SAYING THAT!
Right now i'm thinking about the options for my practice (which consist of 3 months working at any of these: hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, airport, etc). I'm not that into office work & being part of the tourism industry that's something i can leave aside if I have luck.

Unfortunately the last year or so, my class schedule was the worst! I had free long hours that became forced visits to the library & that was gold blogging time.
Product of those hours was this picture. Actually, a whole season of black & white photographs with my (ridiculously bad) computer camera.

This is how an Honduran feeds at morning.
I think my mom felt sorry for me when my insomnia was due to study & that's why she cooked me typical breakfasts. 

A nice sky shoot outside of San Pedro Sula.

September marks the beginning of birthday season on my family. For my cousin's birthday we went to one of our favorite restaurant, Entre Pisco y Nazca. It's a Peruvian restaurant with a delicious menu! I have weakness for seafood , so I didn't lose the opportunity of order "Caracol a la plancha"

Yesterday I went to Tela with a few of my classmates & teachers to deliver the final report of an extensive work we done in collaboration with the Tourism Chamber of Tela. The work consisted of an inventory of tourism resources, tourist facilities & other services available at the city.
It was a little nostalgic for me because that trip was one of my final trips with classmates & teachers due i'm just a few months for graduation. 

After the reunion with the President of the chamber, we went to the beach before heading back to San Pedro Sula.
The day was cloudy & a few drops of rain fell. In resume, a relaxing day that included a boat ride & some jewelry shopping

PiƱa Colada <3 

My lunch. "Fish with garlic" 

Hope you're having a great weekend. Mine? with lots of homework & listening Michael Jackson's discography. 
Until next time!

Oct 3, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Part 2

Christian Dior

The first collection before the Galliano's era. Dior returned to its roots under Bill Gaytten's leadership giving us a very feminine collection. It was a goodbye to Galliano's spectacular shows, that was the biggest reason i loved watching Dior's  shows because i could expect everything from him. Anyway, i can't stop looking the silk & chiffon dresses with lots & lots of movement & tranparency. Reminds me of those gorgeous Hollywood actresses looking absolutely stunning & walking around Paris. It's good to see how the Fashion House is trying to leave behing the Galliano issue, we'll have to keep waiting until the french maison announces the new designer.


Chiffon dresses killed the PFW this time. Many designers presented their collections incorporating lovely pieces with it. Dark shades were selected on this occasion with beautiful short dresses with cleavage  & pencil skirts. 

Nina Ricci

This particular season doesn't have that many floral prints, but Petter Copping showed a vibrating, feminine & floral collection. I love how delicate the pieces look & how he played with silhouettes showing a powerful & glamorous female.

Isabel Marant

Is it me or Isabel Marant is THE chosen one for many blogger girls? And with this collection i already now how all of us are wishing to wear some pieces. It was young, refreshing, commercial & with lots of super models like Arizona M & Isabeli Fontana.
Sport jackets, jerseys, thick sweaters, everything you want to wear if you want to look like a bad girl

Have a great week!
-Much Love

Oct 1, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Part 1


By this time i'm pretty sure many of you knows what happened at the show, but not even broken banks could overshadow it.
As I told you on my older posts: color blocking stills IN for spring & Balenciaga took the runway with maxi hats, geometric cuts jackets, shorts (or should I say mini-shorts?), colors & prints combined creating well-made explosions of blouses & pleaaaase look those amazing shoes!!

Dries Van Noten

The Belgian designer showed his collection at Paris with clean cuts, structural & night landscapes skirts & as we saw in NYFW white over white is going to be the MUST at Spring.
The DVN shoes has always been one of my favorites (not that i own a pair but a girl can always dream of) & this time they're the perfect complement for each look.


Inspired by the 50's , pastel colors, organza, lace, skirts, retro sunglasses & head scarves.
Not my favorite collection but there were some pieces i actually liked.


What a successful debut from Olivier Rousteing! It's a mix of Mexico, Spain & Las Vegas (giving a rock 'n roll air), while i was looking at the collection i instantly pictured Anna Dello Russo wearing one piece of it. J'ADORE the combination between gold & white. There were minidress with shoulder pads, maxi skirts, leather & metallic details.

Bon week-end!
I'm currently listening to Chris Brown's album. It's amazing.
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