Apr 23, 2011

Holly Week so Far

Holly Week so far ..

For many people Holly Week represents the perfect time to go to the beach with family & friends .. for others this week is the most important one to be reconciled with God and to reinforce faith.

For me? is the combination of both elements =)
We have in Honduras the BEST beaches in Central America.
On Wednesday i went to Tela with some of my friends and we have a blast! 

I was wearing a Rampage swimsuit i found at a store near to my house.
My glasses? They belongs to one of my friends.

The sunset .. perfect

We ate at Playa Bonita Hotel. Last year we went for the first time and i ordered the same plate .. it's delicious! & i have a particular love for seafood .. yes i'm a seafoodholic!!

& this is one of those random nights when i decide i want to make up and take some photos from myself.. hahah
Can't wait to go to La Ceiba next week with my girls :D! i'll make sure to take photos with anything i have in hands .. sadly my camera broke up, aghh!

And what's up with you? tell me what you've been doing ... see ya!

Apr 7, 2011

Summer Favs

Summer Favs

Holly Week is just around the corner and many of us began to prepare for having the times of our life, hahaha.
Stores are giving us the summer options they bring and here are some of my favorites so far.
For this summer i´m on the search of a great, comfortable and fresh dress which i could use at the beach and later for having some dinner. Frames are my obsession right now! I finally convinced my mom to  give her pair of Ray Ban! This model is the RB2110. It was love at first sight since the moment i looked them.

Finally, here are my choices:

1. Solid Bandeau Bikini Top , $44.00
2. Double Bar Round Plastic Frames , $60.00
3. Twisted Chain Necklace, $125.00
4. Uptown Girl Hobo , $129.98
5. Gold Layered Ring , $48.00
6. Going Wild One Piece Halter , $100.00

1. Sun glasses , L.775.00
2. Illa Bikini , L.975.00
3.Kala Dress , L.1,375.00
4. Shorts , L.1,175.00
5. Sandals , L.1,375.00
6.Owl Chain , L.595.00
7. Earrings , L.475.00
8. Ring , L.475.00

1. Borsalino Hat , L.590.00
2.  Blouse , L.1,490.00
3. HeadBand , L.210.00
4. Bikini Top , L.490.00
5. Bikini Bottom , L.490.00
6. Sandals , L.1,290.00
7. Umbrella , L.390.00
8. Flower Dress , L.990.00
9. Frames , L.750.00

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