Jun 30, 2011

Shopping day

Yes! Finally today i went shopping & bought new things for my wardrobe and my makeup bag.
I have my little secret thrift store where i've found don't even know how many great things! Its placed on the center of the city & it always surprise me the amount of clothes they have from designers & labels.

I tend to know what i want to buy but curiously most of the time i end buying long sleeves! I have no idea why & that's the reason why there's a whole section in my closet for this type of blouses.
Anyway, today was successful & here is what's new on my closet! I bought what i've been looking for! The perfect red long sleeve with details on the sleeve. I can imagine the looks i can pull out.
Also there was this H&M striped blouse, the fabric is perfect :-)

I found the brown clutch on another thrift store as well of my new white makeup bag, it will be perfectly used!

Bought new bronze & black eyeshadow & eyeliner by NYX and a Maybelline cherry blom lip gloss.
The sunnies are Steve Madden & they were on sale! New frames for my collection.
The beautiful bracelet is from Monet jewelry. 

It was time for me to clean my room. Those who knows me can tell you i'm messy, messy, messy! My jewelry is around the house & there's no surprise when i found just one earring!

These aviator Ray Bans belonged to my dad on his golden years haha, it was time to pass to better hands (mine). 


An update of my days

It's seems so long (for me) since the last time i posted something, obsession too much? I'm loving it :). Let me update you what i've been doing, eating & shopping!

June is San Pedro Sula's month. This year we are celebrating 475 years since Pedro de Alvarado founded the city on June 27th. So this is the time when our days turns around the fair, rides and all type of typical food.
On Tuesday afternoon my godfather, little nephew and I went to "Expocentro", going there is a tradition to all of the citizens and families who wants to enjoy the exhibitors products (micro businesses or big companies who sells their products and some of them include great offers), the region's typical food offered by random people & the famous (and not so entertaining) rides.
Of course since my nephew is 7 years old he wanted to enjoy every freaking game hahaha.

a view inside of one of the 2 buildings Expocentro has

My handsome nephew <3 

Suddenly, around 5pm the worst rain EVER caught us off guard and we had to wait inside of the building with like 300 people there  ughh.

We had to wait until the rain ended! & by the time we wanted to go home, traffic was a completely chaos. 

On the other hand 'cause i'm on vacations pretty most of the time i've been at home, eating TOO MUCH. Mom's lunches and dinners are so delicious. But sometimes i like to take over the kitchen, see the results:

Salad with potatoes & barbecue sauce 

I  Wanted to eat outside & the weather was incredible. Made a delicious lemonade.

 Breakfast for me: eggs with lots of tomato sauce & a cup of coffee

And that's pretty much what i've doing :) .. i'll show you later what i bought  today!

Took a walk the other day & found these beautiful flowers  from one of the neighbors


Jun 26, 2011

S A L E !

Don't you just love the word "SALE"? ohh dear! Like music to my ears hahaha.
This is the time all of us expect, the season's discounts. The time when we can buy those things we liked but they were way expensive & they weren't on our  budget. Last season gave us great designs, unforgettable shoes, accessories  & jewelry.

Living in Honduras specially in San Pedro Sula, where we have tropical climate, the summer sales fit me perfectly because there are items i could use all year long.
Right now for me is all about the wedges & booties! i'm no into the flats, i use them when i go to college & i want to be as comfortable as i can, but they're no my favs & because supposedly we should be experiencing the rainy season, (on Friday night rained so much! It was refreshing) booties are my preferred choice.

1. DKNY Watermelon Blouse; $146.85
2. Levi's; $69.30
3. Mawi Bracelet; $189.75
4. Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Necklace; $56.10
5. See by Chloe Bag; $130.35
6. Kenneth Jay Lane ring; $62.70
7. Kors Michael Kors Platform; $179.85
8. Tom Ford; $226.05

1. T by Alexander Wang One shoulder dress ; $99.00
2. Cuff
3. Kate Spade necklace; $165.00
4. Michael by Michael Kors Bootie; $91.90
5.Michael Kors watch; $134.90
6. Crossbody bag; $37.90

Have a great new week!

Jun 24, 2011


Yesterday i finally decided to do exercise! Since i finished high school (2007) i can barely remember the last time i played football or any other sport. It's simply, i'm not into it =(.
BUT after many thoughs and because i partially moved in to another place where i can go for a run, yesterday was the first exercising day, yay!
With my blackberry's favorite playlist on & a Gatorade, the great weather totally surprised me. Half an hour was enough for me and a plan to add five minutes more every day until i get to the hour. What it really helped out was the landscape, i swear i felt like i was in Forks (i'm a huge twilight fan) because of the green! Next time i'll take some pictures & will show you what i'm talking about =).
Strangely (this time) i didn't got tired so easily, i really enjoyed & i'm looking forward to buy a new bike! When i was a child i loved to ride a bike & maybe this is the moment to go back to that time.
On the other hand (and the motivation to write this post) my activewear was shameless, ughh a simple "camiseta" (t-shirt) and not sports shorts. My outfit was terrible & the only good thing i used based on the activity were my white Nike shoes, a gift from my oldest brother who has the biggest crush on sports.
Turns out your shoes needs to be the perfect ones to run or to do any other sport, so be aware of it.
& because of my terrible outfit i searched everything i really think i need, from other pair of shoes to a great sports bra. Here are my picks.

3. Reebok - EasyTone Reeinspire, $79.99
4. Nike Tech Swoosh Golf Hat, $18.00
5. Nine west Sunglasses, $38
6. Swatch Turquoise rebel, € 44.50
7. Women's Adjustable Strap Sports Bras, $16.50

And DON'T FORGET to do a special workout playlist on your ipod, iphone, blackberry, android or any other.


Jun 16, 2011

Something White&Red

I was going through Flickr (one of my many obsessions) and while looking at THIS i felt inspired and immediately found myself searching white & red clothing . 
Lately, San Pedro Sula has been so hot & yesterday as i entered to my university i looked at these tiny red y white flowers and thought how beautiful they looked together and how awesome these combination can be on a sunny day.
So these are my picks for a sunny day outfit & as the weekend is just around the corner, what about a great night out look?

Many fashion houses had incorporated long skirts to their collections but the greatest of this is how the fabrics looks so fresh 

1. Red Split Side Maxi Skirt
2. H.I.P Embroidered Tank
3. Steve Madden Zurick Booties
4. Forever 21 Textured Cuff
5. Coach Kristin Shoulder Bag
6.Mod Cloth White Earrings
7. Michael Kors Aviators Sunglasses

1. TopShop White Skirt
2. Marc Jacobs Watch
3. Diane Von Furstenberg Sunglasses
4. Ace black long sleeve blouse
5. Marc Jacobs Suede Bag
6. ALAïA Leopard ankle boots
7. Nasty Gal Tribal Ring


Jun 15, 2011

Collection Croisière Part II - Lanvin 2012

Lanvin 2012 Resort Collection

Oh Lanvin! How much I adore you .. With every new collection my admiration for the brand grows even more. Drapped dresses, tweed, oversized accessories, romantic skirts, leather jackets and jumpsuits, Lanvin has no limits! One of the things that makes this collection a hit is the fact that it doesn't belong to one season in particular, this dresses can be used in 10 years as they were used in other decades. 

It's chic & wearable.

A collection designed for fierce women who wants to be different and make an impact.


Jun 10, 2011


Fashion can be inspired by wild, silly,scary or ordinary things, it doesn't matter the topic just the result of the inspiration. Had you ever imagined wearing an envelope as a hand bag? That's what i love about the fashion industry, a daily & simple inspiration can be a trend.

The oversized has caught my eyes & this is the time for bags. Most of these were created for Ipads and other uses BUT an outfit can really stand out when you use one. Bright colors are IN and you can find them as well with  different patterns and prints (the animal prints are my thing, i have to post something about it).

And don't forget this: the brand doesn't give elegance but it does the way you put an outfit together & how you show your personality in it. Your look can cost  $1500 or $50 but rock it with yourself!

Here are what i called "candy bags", the beautiful ones i would love to purchase if i had the money (instead i'll keep dreaming with them haha!)


- xoxo

Jun 9, 2011

Collection Croisière

The Resort Collections (for those who doesn't know) are a couple of clothing pieces produced by the Fashion Houses for those jet-setters who travel around the world in the winter time trying to escape from it.

These are collections between the autumn/ winter 2011 & spring/summer 2012.

They offers a new way of travelling with luxury & ready - to- wear pieces. 
For this season what i loved was the textures used! Some on the brands showed colorful jackets, dresses & pants.

Here are my fav picks:

Michael Kors Resort 2012 Collection
Michael Kors presents beautiful geometric neon pieces. I absolutely adore the cuts & the elegance of the silhouettes.

Burberry Resort 2012 Collection
For  Burberry is all about African details, this is my favorite season collection 'cause it has  everything i love: navy blue, turquoise, 70's pants & killer shoes.
”This collection started with our iconic heritage as the foundation, we really wanted to emphasise this feeling of artisanal and decorative pieces that had been touched by hand, celebrating craftsmanship but always with this playful element. We have taken our icons and played with texture to personalise and give them a real character and charm using colour to highlight the intricate detail that goes in to crafting them.”  - Christopher Bailey

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