Oct 15, 2011


Hello dears! Since weeks ago I've been thinking i need to do some serious remodeling to my bedroom. The lack of like-myself-decoration is already reflected. I'm very very very disorganized, i need to have lots of recipients, boxes or big spaces to feel that i can actually get to order a place & i'm pretty sure many of you, as me, had visited blogs or websites trying to get motivated or inspired to try to do something different to bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. 

I have showed you before part of my jewelry & makeup which i try my best to keep everything in place but i really need to organize my shoes & purses as well. There's no corner of my room filled with purses or stacked shoes, ughh!
So, that's why lately i'm not looking forward to new things on my closet or acquisitions in general, i need to know what i have, appreciate it & throw away what i don't need or in the best of cases, giving them to someone who will need it more than me.

By now i have some ideas, like these:

I have a small collection of necklaces & it feels so wrong that i don't have a special place for them. Instead of , i have saved them on "jewelry boxes"
I want a rack like this but in wood. I would like to move from one place to order if i want to make future changes.

This is another beautiful choice for necklaces. And the best of it is that i have a lot of place on my walls!

Now, for shoes .. oh God, shoes... I don't love the idea of having them in boxes with printed pictures of them on the outside. I would like to have them at a specific space, letting know everyone about my lovely shoes, like this:

What about the dressing table? I want it to look clean & every little thing in order, like this:

See how good does the brushes looks? & the rose gives a sweet touch

Let's move to nail polish  & makeup. I found a really good idea for polish! Instead of having them sorted by colors or infinite lines , let's put them into a transparent container which it would give you more space.

Good news for me: i have an exactly recipient like this! 

As for makeup, brushes & fragrances: it's all about the products or tools you're using, how you want them to stay at one spot or the frequency you used them.

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Until next time!
-Much love
Bon week-end!


  1. I totally know how you feel, I am in the midst of slow, bit by bit redecoration too! I'm putting my favourite quotes up on my walls, putting some nice pictures up, and shifting things around so I can enjoy my living space better. Those are such great pictures, too!
    xoxo, Veena


  2. love the photos! all the make-up and shoes!! ;)



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