Jul 5, 2011

Bronze and Peach

Besides of my love for fashion, makeup is one of those things close to my heart. I'm always searching for trends or videos at Youtube that shows a particular look which i could try.
Well let me tell you a secret about me, once in a while when i get to bored i just grab my brushes & eye shadows and start to work with them even if i will be home all day long, crazy too much?

I agree with all who thinks makeup is the perfect tool to enhance the features of our face, NOT to hide in tons of powder and dark blush.
But there's more, to get a great makeup is necessary to take care of our skin, the minimal exposure  to the sun, the not removed makeup at night & as well of others oversights can make a permanent damage.

So, today was one of those lazy and boring days & my makeup bag was staring at me haha.
I'm loving the bronze look, just a touch of bronze on the cheeks, lips or eyes can make a difference in your daily makeup. I dare you to try it with peach lip gloss :) 

Sorry for the bad picture. My camera doesn't really show how my make up was done. Anyway, here are the products i used:

Apparently NYX is taking over me! haha, i loveee my brushes! I Can't do anything without them, my powder is CoverGirl, L'oreal true match blush, NYX champagne eye shadows, gold & black eyeliners & the 3 colors set eye shadows. My lipstick is Esteé Lauder as well of the darker shadows.

I love how sweet the color is from the NYX nail polish 

So, if you wanna try the look here are some products you can use immediately :-)

1. Fresh Peaches With Cream Lip gloss; $10.00
2. Bobbi Brown Cream Medium Brown Shadow; $22.00}
3. Bobbi Brown Compact Beige Shadows; $39.00
4. Bobbi Brown Bronze Palette; $60.00
5. Lancôme Bronzing Powder; $36.00
6. NYX Brushes
7. Clinique Brush Cleaner; $13.00
8. Estée Lauder Enchanted Garnet Nail Polish; $19.00

The American Idol judge, Jennifer López, is one of the many celebrities who tried the look before. See how beautiful the result can be?



  1. Because my face is SUPER DUPER pale, I cannot live without blush or bronzer. :) LOVE the nail color!

  2. love the nail color! and i love JLO!! xx


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