Jul 26, 2011

Honduran Proud - Carlos Campos

Designer Carlos Campos on runway at the Carlos Campos Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Altman Building on February 15, 2009 in New York City.                                                                                                                                                   (Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images) 

Finally Honduras is getting recognized by fashion & not because of crappy politicians!

The nominations for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund are out! The judging panel which includes the unique & amazing Anna Wintour, the CFDA president Diane Von Furstenberg, Jenna Lyons, and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of nothing less than Proenza Schouler, announced their ten choices for this year’s award.

In case you don’t know The Fund was created to recognize American fashion talent & it starts with the nominations followed by a special design project, and as well of a fashion show in LA. There'll be one winner (last year the Fund gave $300,000) and two runner-up prizes ($100,000 each) & the ceremony will be on November 14th.

This year’s nominees are:

• Carlos Campos
• Antonio Azzuolo
• Joseph Altuzarra, of Altuzarra 
• Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier, of Creatures of the Wind
• Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, of Cushnie et Ochs 
• Soraya Silchenstedt, of Finn Jewelry
• Dana Lorenz, of Fenton/Fallon
• Alexa Adams and Flora Gill, of Ohne Titel 
• Pamela Love
• Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis, of Suno

Carlos Campos is a Honduran designer who studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and resides on New York since he was 13. He has worked for Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, John Legend, Ethan Hawke, Justin Timberlake, The Killers y The Scissors Sisters.
In 2007 won the prize for best men’s collection at Mexico’s fashion week & in 2009 he was named most outstanding novice designer.
Carlos Campos distributes his designs in selected boutiques in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Japan and Barcelona.
In May 2009 he opened an exclusive store in Tegucigalpa, Honduras & this year he’s planning to open his first boutique in New York.
With this nomination Carlos made history becoming the first Latin American menswear designer to be nominated by CFDA.

Let me show you part of his job :-)

Carlos Campos 2010 Fall - Ready To Wear

HERE you an find his 2011 Fall/Winter Collection!

PS: I've been so busy with school right now :( .. Hope you guys are having an amazing day!


Jul 15, 2011

a $100 look

Do you want to go shopping & be fashion but you have a low budget? Don't worry about it! Sale season still going on & the amount of choices are incredible. 
From ZARA to ASOS, you can find the greatest things without even get out of your home.

Isn't it cute this Zara dress? I really like the silhouette & with nude shoes you can give the impression of having long legs :-)

 1. Zara Dress; $49.99
2. Zara Heels; $39.99
3. Zara Necklace $3.99

1. ASOS Floral Jumpsuit; $41.37
2. ASOS Platform; $48.27
3. ASOS Owls Necklace; $8.62

Bon week-end!

Jul 14, 2011


School week is over :) .. lots of things to do but there's always time for fashion!
I'm really loving this comfy look, it's perfect for a school day, casual & girly.


Jul 13, 2011

Look of the day

It's first day of school.. so far has been great. My first class is French & have other 3 classes until 1:20 pm, right now i'm at the library reading, bloggin, listening music, etc., & that's pretty much what i'm going to do for the next two and a half months.

Remember what i told you yesterday about the things i want to change? well, i was on time for my class today =D that's a good beginning. It was a great idea to left everything ready.

Here's what i'm wearing for the rest of the day

Zara pants, thrift blouse & leather bag

Have a great day!

Jul 12, 2011

Gonna try it and you?

See how great this looks? It's a perfect day look. I'm definitely going to try  this

And this

and this hairstyle

What do you think of them?

Now Watching: Madonna - Miles Away (Sticky & Sweet Tour)

Back to School

My vacations are over! & it's a bittersweet 'cause that means to things: first (the good thing) i'm taking 4 new classes & there's only 6 more classes left to end College! YAY :-D, the bad thing is there's no more time to sleep until 12pm =( & i'll be spending so much time at college from 9:30 am to 5 pm .. ugh! I'm kind of used to it but that doesn't mean i'm loving it.

ANYWAY!  I was going through the things i want to change for this new period at the top of my list was: Punctuality. Shame on me but i'm always late! My college is near to my house & i was always late for class, pretty ridiculous right? So i was thinking about what makes me delay in the morning & actually i found i have the habit of waste too much time choosing what i'm going to wear!
So  i'm starting something new, based on the last days climate (which is crazy, is hot since the morning & at the afternoon rains) i'm going to choose my wardrobe on Sundays  & it will include long-sleeves, jeans & blouses.

From left to right : Tommy Hilfiger blouse, Zara long-sleeve, thrifted long-sleeve seen here , Zara animal print & Ralph Lauren blue long-sleeve.

Jeans & pant section from left to right: Zara gray pants, black Banana Republic jean, 725 jeans (loving that blue color!) & Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker jean (my favorite).

On second place: i love to change my bag everyday but also that can't take too long 'cause (i don't know if you do it too) but i'm always carrying unnecessary things! So, this time i'm taking just the essentials which seems to be so much haha.

My Blackberry, Reaction by Kenneth Cole wallet, computer charger, the book i'm reading by Paulo Coelho, headphones, body lotion & body splash by Liz Claiborne, Coach makeup bag & either my Ray Ban or Nine West sunglasses.

& These are going to be the bags i'll be using this week. My brown & white Coach bag, vintage brown & white  cross-body bag, my vintage leather bag (belonged to my mom) & an animal print bag.

Wish me luck (:

Jul 11, 2011

Candy Shoes - Camilla Skovgaard

Happy Monday everybody! We are starting a new week, don't forget it is a great opportunity to establish golds & projects you want to realize :-)

As you can see i made a few changes in my blog, finally i see it the way i first imagined.
Now you can follow me on Twitter & Tumblr . I've been wanting a Tumblr page for so long 'cause i have plenty of fashion photographs i saved & I wanted to stop post them on my facebook. I wanted to shared them with those who really love fashion as me.

My weekend was great, went with my BFF to have dinner at Denny's [recently opened] so you can imagine what's the new thing on the city.
Yesterday I spent some quality time at my house with the family & watching movies.
I hope your weekend went amazing!

Due to I'm always searching for inspirations, new things & new designers that i've never heard or that i'm curious about, I found the Camilla Skovgaard's shoes & of course I'M OBSESSED! They have everything a girl can dream about shoes,  they're refreshing, stylish, fierce & i'm sure   any girl can be the center of attention with them.
You can find her collection at Luisa Via Roma , Net a PorterMy Wardrobe & Saks , don't forget we are on sale season!

What's your favorite?


Jul 7, 2011

Dear Patterns

I'm seriously inlove with the Opening Ceremony black diamond pattern dress, what a beautiful color & how cute are  the details?
Many people think patterns are difficult to wear, actually they aren't! The only "rule" you have to follow is to not use many accessories & for those not to tall girls like me pay attention to the patterns, the biggest the pattern is the biggest you'll see!

Fashion houses like Prada & Stella  MacCartney have lately used and promoted patterns.
Here are my favorites so far:

1.Tibi Dress; $491.00 (50% off)!
2. Opening Ceremony, $403.00
3. Calla printed skirt, $470.00
4. Diane Von Furstenberg Dress, $358.00


Jul 6, 2011

Booties On Sale

Who says booties can only be used on winter? Personally, these type of shoes drives me crazy & if their color is black i'm pretty sure i'll be wanting a pair! Imagine them with a short skirt on a dinner at a great restaurant with your friends, see what i meant?
Found many of these on sale, so cool!
So far my favorite ones belongs to Opening Ceremony, their designs are incredible chic.

1. Vince Camuto Bootie; $82.60
2. Michael Kors Oxfords <3 ; $105.00
3. Elizabeth & James; $149.99
4. Elizabeth & James Ankle Boots; $145.00
5. Guess Ankle Boots; $69.99
6. Elizabeth & James; $380.00
7. Elizabeth & James Black Suede; $199.00
8. French Connection Boot; $179.99

Jul 5, 2011

Bronze and Peach

Besides of my love for fashion, makeup is one of those things close to my heart. I'm always searching for trends or videos at Youtube that shows a particular look which i could try.
Well let me tell you a secret about me, once in a while when i get to bored i just grab my brushes & eye shadows and start to work with them even if i will be home all day long, crazy too much?

I agree with all who thinks makeup is the perfect tool to enhance the features of our face, NOT to hide in tons of powder and dark blush.
But there's more, to get a great makeup is necessary to take care of our skin, the minimal exposure  to the sun, the not removed makeup at night & as well of others oversights can make a permanent damage.

So, today was one of those lazy and boring days & my makeup bag was staring at me haha.
I'm loving the bronze look, just a touch of bronze on the cheeks, lips or eyes can make a difference in your daily makeup. I dare you to try it with peach lip gloss :) 

Sorry for the bad picture. My camera doesn't really show how my make up was done. Anyway, here are the products i used:

Apparently NYX is taking over me! haha, i loveee my brushes! I Can't do anything without them, my powder is CoverGirl, L'oreal true match blush, NYX champagne eye shadows, gold & black eyeliners & the 3 colors set eye shadows. My lipstick is Esteé Lauder as well of the darker shadows.

I love how sweet the color is from the NYX nail polish 

So, if you wanna try the look here are some products you can use immediately :-)

1. Fresh Peaches With Cream Lip gloss; $10.00
2. Bobbi Brown Cream Medium Brown Shadow; $22.00}
3. Bobbi Brown Compact Beige Shadows; $39.00
4. Bobbi Brown Bronze Palette; $60.00
5. Lancôme Bronzing Powder; $36.00
6. NYX Brushes
7. Clinique Brush Cleaner; $13.00
8. Estée Lauder Enchanted Garnet Nail Polish; $19.00

The American Idol judge, Jennifer López, is one of the many celebrities who tried the look before. See how beautiful the result can be?


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