Oct 8, 2011

Tela + an update

Blame to my vacations, a new quarter at the university, homework & not feeling very inspired. Combined all of this & that's how you'll know what i've been to these days.
This was the first week of school for a new quarter, i'm taking 4 more classes & I can't believe there's only two more classes next year & that's it. I'll be graduated. I LOVE SAYING THAT!
Right now i'm thinking about the options for my practice (which consist of 3 months working at any of these: hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, airport, etc). I'm not that into office work & being part of the tourism industry that's something i can leave aside if I have luck.

Unfortunately the last year or so, my class schedule was the worst! I had free long hours that became forced visits to the library & that was gold blogging time.
Product of those hours was this picture. Actually, a whole season of black & white photographs with my (ridiculously bad) computer camera.

This is how an Honduran feeds at morning.
I think my mom felt sorry for me when my insomnia was due to study & that's why she cooked me typical breakfasts. 

A nice sky shoot outside of San Pedro Sula.

September marks the beginning of birthday season on my family. For my cousin's birthday we went to one of our favorite restaurant, Entre Pisco y Nazca. It's a Peruvian restaurant with a delicious menu! I have weakness for seafood , so I didn't lose the opportunity of order "Caracol a la plancha"

Yesterday I went to Tela with a few of my classmates & teachers to deliver the final report of an extensive work we done in collaboration with the Tourism Chamber of Tela. The work consisted of an inventory of tourism resources, tourist facilities & other services available at the city.
It was a little nostalgic for me because that trip was one of my final trips with classmates & teachers due i'm just a few months for graduation. 

After the reunion with the President of the chamber, we went to the beach before heading back to San Pedro Sula.
The day was cloudy & a few drops of rain fell. In resume, a relaxing day that included a boat ride & some jewelry shopping

Piña Colada <3 

My lunch. "Fish with garlic" 

Hope you're having a great weekend. Mine? with lots of homework & listening Michael Jackson's discography. 
Until next time!

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