May 26, 2011

Candy Shoes

What about these A-M-A-Z-I-N-G shoes i found today at a new (for me) online store called United Nude? Although neither of them are on my budget BUT just to see them makes me go lala!
I picked up the ones i loved & wish for, you can go to the The United Nude Site right there to check all the beautiful choices.

Haiku Camel
Haiku Camel - $290.00

Abstract Black
Abstract Black - $365.00

Elastic Tangle Hi Green Mix

Elastic Tangle Hi Green Mix $235.00

Pin Buckle Pewter

Pin Buckle Pewter - $345.00

May 24, 2011

Elizabeth and James Spring 2011 Lookbook

I'm constantly searching for new inspirations, magazines shoots, trends, hairstyles and obviously lookbooks as seen here. Right now i wanted to show you the new spring lookbook from Elizabeth and James! It's always a pleasure to see what are the new "in" things and this time i want to present to you my favorite picks  :)
In case you haven't  noticed the 70's are back and is very easy to find this particular style in the latest collections &  Elizabeth and James is not left behind.

I LOVE this one! See the shoes? ughh.. i want them! I can totally see myself in the pants

May 23, 2011

Paraiso Weekend

On Sunday, my family & I went to "Paraiso Rainforest and Beach Hotel", it is located after Omoa (btw i'm the worst person EVER to give addresses).
We had an amazing & relaxing time! The hotel is beautiful, it has everything a beach hotel needs: pool, playground for children, hammocks, a small store shopping, quiet & comfortable rooms.
Maybe you're thinking.."and what about the food?" JA! The food was DELICIOUS!
The love for seafood runs  in my family :D .. we ate snail and shrimps. When i'm on a trip I always try not to  drink sodas, so i'm at the expectation to taste a well made limonade  or tamarind juice (:
We couldn't eat the desert.. it was just to much! haha

Here are some photos i took with my blackberry camera [bad bad camera :( ] 

This is my 7 years old nephew:

PiƱa colada's time :D! Delicious.. one of the best i've ever drank. 


We spent some quality time relaxing at this.

This is the "Parrillada para 4". It has "tostones", rice and beans, shrimps & snails

A not so handsome friend haha. This is a "Charancaco"

My mom at sunset  :)

May 18, 2011

Something Blue

Something Blue

Apparently seems I shop the first "blue" thing I see on the stores. My last two purchases had been in that color & I have no idea why! But those were great moves because this color was never in my mind, the only blue you could see at my closet were a few pair of jeans. So I think I "discovered" a great color that can be used from blondes to brunettes. That gave me a great idea so I wanted to share with you some of the alternatives I found online.
It's all about playing with basics and colors. Have fun on matching things you haven't tried.

May 16, 2011

JCrew and Zara

J.crew & Zara

Hello y'all! I know.. i'm a bad blogger hahaha.. but i have many excuses and stories to tell you!
Two weeks ago i was part of an event called: "Honduras is Open for business", my work was at the Ramon Villeda Morales Airport. It was an exhausted, crazy & stressful  week! At 7:00am i had to be at the Copantl's Hotel because that was the place where we all got reunited before heading to the airport. Let me tell you that even if a had a crazy week, that was one of the greatest experience i've ever had!

My bosses were amazing! They were spoiling us and the work atmosphere was incredible, I laughed all day long even if we hadn't the strange to say "hello" anymore. My worked was to welcome all of the guests and helping them with their luggage. I had a great time! Can't wait to see what's coming next :)
Thanks to all of the girls I met & to my bosses.

ANYWAY! This time i want to show two different fashion perspectives for the summer, the new J. Crew Collection & The Zara May 2011 Lookbook!

Let's begin with:

The J. Crew collection and my favorites looks ;)

The J. Crew team focuses on a sportwear aesthetic collection.

The color palette used were earth colors, whites, blacks, browns & beiges! A very relaxing collection that shows how we can play with basic colors. The collection seems to remember us what are the specific things we need to have in our closet, from a simple beige blouse and a great pair of jeans & we can´t forget to add some color to our look!

ZARA, May 2011 LookBook

For ZARA is all about colors that's why this season we all want a piece of them. Personally i love their shoes and how they play with accesories, but with this lookbook they dare us to use eclipsing colors.
I must confess I was one of those girls who doesn't loved patterns and prints, but since i started to read more magazines, articles and watch a lot of runways, the only thing i want is to mix my wardrobe with prints from all types.

Doesn't this look reminds you to Sienna Miller? There's something hobo-chic in it.

I'm a blazerholic! I have many blazers (wich i'll show you someday) and i want this electric blue one so badly!

See what i mean with "dare you to use patterns & prints"?

See you until next time lovers :)

Via Fashion gone rush
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