Nov 8, 2011

Made in Honduras

For Honduras, the past days has been crazy. 
Political troubles had occurred & we also have problems with the national police, it seems that day by day more divisions occur in the population. We also have  people fighting for their rights, the sums of money paid for the use of electricity are high, rains have caused damage & this government hasn't been what we all expected.
I consider myself as a positive person, a dreamer, someone who has the best interest for my BEAUTIFUL country, yes i said beautiful. And it makes me sad hearing (from citizens) that my country "no tiene arreglo" (has no fix) & we have nothing to be proud of.
I'm a lucky Honduran, i'm growing up at San Pedro Sula (the second important city of the country) & day by day i see how many citizens work their ass off to bring food, medicines and cloth to their beloved ones.

I've had received visitors on my blog from Turkey, Russia, USA, Canada, Egypt, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, France & too many others i can't remember right now. So, to all of you whether you are or not from Honduras, let me tell you we are poor, yes.. governments have stolen so much to the Estate. We are poor, BUT kind, helpful, workers, creatives & the best of my territory is THE INSANE AMOUNT OF BEAUTIFUL PLACES WE HAVE!
We are a country who "has it all": white sand beaches, archaeology, mountains, reserves, lakes, waterfalls & many more natural attractions. Let me show you part of them: 

1. Cayos Cochinos: are a group of two small islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Mayor) and 13 small coral cays lying 19 miles northeast of La Ceiba on the northern Honduran coast.

I've been here & it's paradise, believe me.

The beautiful sunset at Cayos Cochinos.

2. Copán Ruinas: The Mayan city of Copan was a ceremonial center of government and the ancient Mayan civilization. Currently, Copan is an archaeological site located in the Department of Copán in western Honduras, near the border with Guatemala.

Rosalila Temple

3. San Pedro Sula: known as the country's industrial capital. My lovely city it's located it the northwest of the country in the Sula Valley. We have one of the important  airports call "Ramón Villeda Morales".

This is the Olympic Stadium

This City Hall

A view of the city from Merendón Mountain.

"El Centro", where we have important avenues and streets. Major commercial movements occur here. In front of the park there's  the "Hotel Sula" & the Cathedral.

See how lovely the Cathedral looks at night? 
This was my wallpaper for several months hah =P

4. Lancetilla Botanical Garden:   located a few kilometers from Tela, is the second largest tropical botanical garden IN THE WORLD!

5. Pico Bonito National Park: located at the North of my country near La Ceiba, is the second largest national park in the country, the vegetation commences with tropical rain forest and broad leaf forests. It is famous for the largest peak of the "Nombre de Dios" mountain range; Pico Bonito itself is 2436 meters high.

6. Punta Sal: located near Tela, its name from the rocky point that juts out into the sea. It has approximately 35 linear miles of beach and close to 20 miles wide, covers793,818 km2 territorial

7. Islas de la Bahía (Bay Islands):  The top destination of my country, they are an archipelago consisting of three main islands and smaller ones in the Caribbean Sea: Roatán, Guanaja and Utila. They are surrounded by crystal clear waters, also in shades of blue, which is very common to see turquoise waters. The islands attract millions of tourists every year. Among the celebrities who are known to have been one of the islands are: Tiger Woods, Jaclyn Smith, Richard Gere, Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Sunset at Roatán


West Bay, Roatán

Feel free to google & visit my country. These are just a few places you can visit! We have a lot more to offer & the food is DELICIOUS!
Maybe is time for me to show you the places were i've been like Yojoa Lake, Santa Rosa de Copán & many others :), I already showed you Tela before!
If you have questions feel free to ask, i'll answer every single one.


Pictures via here & here.
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