Jul 11, 2011

Candy Shoes - Camilla Skovgaard

Happy Monday everybody! We are starting a new week, don't forget it is a great opportunity to establish golds & projects you want to realize :-)

As you can see i made a few changes in my blog, finally i see it the way i first imagined.
Now you can follow me on Twitter & Tumblr . I've been wanting a Tumblr page for so long 'cause i have plenty of fashion photographs i saved & I wanted to stop post them on my facebook. I wanted to shared them with those who really love fashion as me.

My weekend was great, went with my BFF to have dinner at Denny's [recently opened] so you can imagine what's the new thing on the city.
Yesterday I spent some quality time at my house with the family & watching movies.
I hope your weekend went amazing!

Due to I'm always searching for inspirations, new things & new designers that i've never heard or that i'm curious about, I found the Camilla Skovgaard's shoes & of course I'M OBSESSED! They have everything a girl can dream about shoes,  they're refreshing, stylish, fierce & i'm sure   any girl can be the center of attention with them.
You can find her collection at Luisa Via Roma , Net a PorterMy Wardrobe & Saks , don't forget we are on sale season!

What's your favorite?


1 comment:

  1. Those shoes are insane! If I weren't already tall, I would totally sport these. However, I'm a bit clumsy and would probably tip over :)


¡Gracias por tu comentario! ~ Thank you for your comment,I really appreciated it :)

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