Jul 6, 2011

Booties On Sale

Who says booties can only be used on winter? Personally, these type of shoes drives me crazy & if their color is black i'm pretty sure i'll be wanting a pair! Imagine them with a short skirt on a dinner at a great restaurant with your friends, see what i meant?
Found many of these on sale, so cool!
So far my favorite ones belongs to Opening Ceremony, their designs are incredible chic.

1. Vince Camuto Bootie; $82.60
2. Michael Kors Oxfords <3 ; $105.00
3. Elizabeth & James; $149.99
4. Elizabeth & James Ankle Boots; $145.00
5. Guess Ankle Boots; $69.99
6. Elizabeth & James; $380.00
7. Elizabeth & James Black Suede; $199.00
8. French Connection Boot; $179.99

1 comment:

  1. Amazing shoes! I love the 5th ones!



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