Jul 12, 2011

Back to School

My vacations are over! & it's a bittersweet 'cause that means to things: first (the good thing) i'm taking 4 new classes & there's only 6 more classes left to end College! YAY :-D, the bad thing is there's no more time to sleep until 12pm =( & i'll be spending so much time at college from 9:30 am to 5 pm .. ugh! I'm kind of used to it but that doesn't mean i'm loving it.

ANYWAY!  I was going through the things i want to change for this new period at the top of my list was: Punctuality. Shame on me but i'm always late! My college is near to my house & i was always late for class, pretty ridiculous right? So i was thinking about what makes me delay in the morning & actually i found i have the habit of waste too much time choosing what i'm going to wear!
So  i'm starting something new, based on the last days climate (which is crazy, is hot since the morning & at the afternoon rains) i'm going to choose my wardrobe on Sundays  & it will include long-sleeves, jeans & blouses.

From left to right : Tommy Hilfiger blouse, Zara long-sleeve, thrifted long-sleeve seen here , Zara animal print & Ralph Lauren blue long-sleeve.

Jeans & pant section from left to right: Zara gray pants, black Banana Republic jean, 725 jeans (loving that blue color!) & Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker jean (my favorite).

On second place: i love to change my bag everyday but also that can't take too long 'cause (i don't know if you do it too) but i'm always carrying unnecessary things! So, this time i'm taking just the essentials which seems to be so much haha.

My Blackberry, Reaction by Kenneth Cole wallet, computer charger, the book i'm reading by Paulo Coelho, headphones, body lotion & body splash by Liz Claiborne, Coach makeup bag & either my Ray Ban or Nine West sunglasses.

& These are going to be the bags i'll be using this week. My brown & white Coach bag, vintage brown & white  cross-body bag, my vintage leather bag (belonged to my mom) & an animal print bag.

Wish me luck (:

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