Jun 30, 2011

An update of my days

It's seems so long (for me) since the last time i posted something, obsession too much? I'm loving it :). Let me update you what i've been doing, eating & shopping!

June is San Pedro Sula's month. This year we are celebrating 475 years since Pedro de Alvarado founded the city on June 27th. So this is the time when our days turns around the fair, rides and all type of typical food.
On Tuesday afternoon my godfather, little nephew and I went to "Expocentro", going there is a tradition to all of the citizens and families who wants to enjoy the exhibitors products (micro businesses or big companies who sells their products and some of them include great offers), the region's typical food offered by random people & the famous (and not so entertaining) rides.
Of course since my nephew is 7 years old he wanted to enjoy every freaking game hahaha.

a view inside of one of the 2 buildings Expocentro has

My handsome nephew <3 

Suddenly, around 5pm the worst rain EVER caught us off guard and we had to wait inside of the building with like 300 people there  ughh.

We had to wait until the rain ended! & by the time we wanted to go home, traffic was a completely chaos. 

On the other hand 'cause i'm on vacations pretty most of the time i've been at home, eating TOO MUCH. Mom's lunches and dinners are so delicious. But sometimes i like to take over the kitchen, see the results:

Salad with potatoes & barbecue sauce 

I  Wanted to eat outside & the weather was incredible. Made a delicious lemonade.

 Breakfast for me: eggs with lots of tomato sauce & a cup of coffee

And that's pretty much what i've doing :) .. i'll show you later what i bought  today!

Took a walk the other day & found these beautiful flowers  from one of the neighbors


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