Jun 16, 2011

Something White&Red

I was going through Flickr (one of my many obsessions) and while looking at THIS i felt inspired and immediately found myself searching white & red clothing . 
Lately, San Pedro Sula has been so hot & yesterday as i entered to my university i looked at these tiny red y white flowers and thought how beautiful they looked together and how awesome these combination can be on a sunny day.
So these are my picks for a sunny day outfit & as the weekend is just around the corner, what about a great night out look?

Many fashion houses had incorporated long skirts to their collections but the greatest of this is how the fabrics looks so fresh 

1. Red Split Side Maxi Skirt
2. H.I.P Embroidered Tank
3. Steve Madden Zurick Booties
4. Forever 21 Textured Cuff
5. Coach Kristin Shoulder Bag
6.Mod Cloth White Earrings
7. Michael Kors Aviators Sunglasses

1. TopShop White Skirt
2. Marc Jacobs Watch
3. Diane Von Furstenberg Sunglasses
4. Ace black long sleeve blouse
5. Marc Jacobs Suede Bag
6. ALAïA Leopard ankle boots
7. Nasty Gal Tribal Ring



  1. LOVE that green bag :) You just can't go wrong with Coach. Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

  2. i love those things.
    What a lovely post.
    Join my contest.
    Xx liefs

  3. Hi,
    I really like your blog!! I have a blog too, it's new born =D
    Take a look to my little blog and follow me if you want =D

    xoxo Lara



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