Jun 24, 2011


Yesterday i finally decided to do exercise! Since i finished high school (2007) i can barely remember the last time i played football or any other sport. It's simply, i'm not into it =(.
BUT after many thoughs and because i partially moved in to another place where i can go for a run, yesterday was the first exercising day, yay!
With my blackberry's favorite playlist on & a Gatorade, the great weather totally surprised me. Half an hour was enough for me and a plan to add five minutes more every day until i get to the hour. What it really helped out was the landscape, i swear i felt like i was in Forks (i'm a huge twilight fan) because of the green! Next time i'll take some pictures & will show you what i'm talking about =).
Strangely (this time) i didn't got tired so easily, i really enjoyed & i'm looking forward to buy a new bike! When i was a child i loved to ride a bike & maybe this is the moment to go back to that time.
On the other hand (and the motivation to write this post) my activewear was shameless, ughh a simple "camiseta" (t-shirt) and not sports shorts. My outfit was terrible & the only good thing i used based on the activity were my white Nike shoes, a gift from my oldest brother who has the biggest crush on sports.
Turns out your shoes needs to be the perfect ones to run or to do any other sport, so be aware of it.
& because of my terrible outfit i searched everything i really think i need, from other pair of shoes to a great sports bra. Here are my picks.

3. Reebok - EasyTone Reeinspire, $79.99
4. Nike Tech Swoosh Golf Hat, $18.00
5. Nine west Sunglasses, $38
6. Swatch Turquoise rebel, € 44.50
7. Women's Adjustable Strap Sports Bras, $16.50

And DON'T FORGET to do a special workout playlist on your ipod, iphone, blackberry, android or any other.



  1. that watch is snazzy.
    These exercise clothes make me feel like I should exercise and work out!

  2. Love this selection and I love this watch ! :D

  3. After years of not working out, I became a member of a gym a few weeks ago. And I LOVE it. One reason for that are definitely the cute work out clothes, and your choices are absolutely perfect. :)

  4. i wish i have the time to exercise



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