Jun 10, 2011


Fashion can be inspired by wild, silly,scary or ordinary things, it doesn't matter the topic just the result of the inspiration. Had you ever imagined wearing an envelope as a hand bag? That's what i love about the fashion industry, a daily & simple inspiration can be a trend.

The oversized has caught my eyes & this is the time for bags. Most of these were created for Ipads and other uses BUT an outfit can really stand out when you use one. Bright colors are IN and you can find them as well with  different patterns and prints (the animal prints are my thing, i have to post something about it).

And don't forget this: the brand doesn't give elegance but it does the way you put an outfit together & how you show your personality in it. Your look can cost  $1500 or $50 but rock it with yourself!

Here are what i called "candy bags", the beautiful ones i would love to purchase if i had the money (instead i'll keep dreaming with them haha!)


- xoxo

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