Jun 9, 2011

Collection Croisière

The Resort Collections (for those who doesn't know) are a couple of clothing pieces produced by the Fashion Houses for those jet-setters who travel around the world in the winter time trying to escape from it.

These are collections between the autumn/ winter 2011 & spring/summer 2012.

They offers a new way of travelling with luxury & ready - to- wear pieces. 
For this season what i loved was the textures used! Some on the brands showed colorful jackets, dresses & pants.

Here are my fav picks:

Michael Kors Resort 2012 Collection
Michael Kors presents beautiful geometric neon pieces. I absolutely adore the cuts & the elegance of the silhouettes.

Burberry Resort 2012 Collection
For  Burberry is all about African details, this is my favorite season collection 'cause it has  everything i love: navy blue, turquoise, 70's pants & killer shoes.
”This collection started with our iconic heritage as the foundation, we really wanted to emphasise this feeling of artisanal and decorative pieces that had been touched by hand, celebrating craftsmanship but always with this playful element. We have taken our icons and played with texture to personalise and give them a real character and charm using colour to highlight the intricate detail that goes in to crafting them.”  - Christopher Bailey

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