May 16, 2011

JCrew and Zara

J.crew & Zara

Hello y'all! I know.. i'm a bad blogger hahaha.. but i have many excuses and stories to tell you!
Two weeks ago i was part of an event called: "Honduras is Open for business", my work was at the Ramon Villeda Morales Airport. It was an exhausted, crazy & stressful  week! At 7:00am i had to be at the Copantl's Hotel because that was the place where we all got reunited before heading to the airport. Let me tell you that even if a had a crazy week, that was one of the greatest experience i've ever had!

My bosses were amazing! They were spoiling us and the work atmosphere was incredible, I laughed all day long even if we hadn't the strange to say "hello" anymore. My worked was to welcome all of the guests and helping them with their luggage. I had a great time! Can't wait to see what's coming next :)
Thanks to all of the girls I met & to my bosses.

ANYWAY! This time i want to show two different fashion perspectives for the summer, the new J. Crew Collection & The Zara May 2011 Lookbook!

Let's begin with:

The J. Crew collection and my favorites looks ;)

The J. Crew team focuses on a sportwear aesthetic collection.

The color palette used were earth colors, whites, blacks, browns & beiges! A very relaxing collection that shows how we can play with basic colors. The collection seems to remember us what are the specific things we need to have in our closet, from a simple beige blouse and a great pair of jeans & we can´t forget to add some color to our look!

ZARA, May 2011 LookBook

For ZARA is all about colors that's why this season we all want a piece of them. Personally i love their shoes and how they play with accesories, but with this lookbook they dare us to use eclipsing colors.
I must confess I was one of those girls who doesn't loved patterns and prints, but since i started to read more magazines, articles and watch a lot of runways, the only thing i want is to mix my wardrobe with prints from all types.

Doesn't this look reminds you to Sienna Miller? There's something hobo-chic in it.

I'm a blazerholic! I have many blazers (wich i'll show you someday) and i want this electric blue one so badly!

See what i mean with "dare you to use patterns & prints"?

See you until next time lovers :)

Via Fashion gone rush

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