May 23, 2011

Paraiso Weekend

On Sunday, my family & I went to "Paraiso Rainforest and Beach Hotel", it is located after Omoa (btw i'm the worst person EVER to give addresses).
We had an amazing & relaxing time! The hotel is beautiful, it has everything a beach hotel needs: pool, playground for children, hammocks, a small store shopping, quiet & comfortable rooms.
Maybe you're thinking.."and what about the food?" JA! The food was DELICIOUS!
The love for seafood runs  in my family :D .. we ate snail and shrimps. When i'm on a trip I always try not to  drink sodas, so i'm at the expectation to taste a well made limonade  or tamarind juice (:
We couldn't eat the desert.. it was just to much! haha

Here are some photos i took with my blackberry camera [bad bad camera :( ] 

This is my 7 years old nephew:

Piña colada's time :D! Delicious.. one of the best i've ever drank. 


We spent some quality time relaxing at this.

This is the "Parrillada para 4". It has "tostones", rice and beans, shrimps & snails

A not so handsome friend haha. This is a "Charancaco"

My mom at sunset  :)

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