Oct 14, 2013

It is all about the skin

Esta no es la primera vez que escribo sobre maquillaje. Con el tiempo mi interes en este tema ha ido incrementado y he tratado de absoerber informacion tanto como puedo. Para triunfar en esto la clave se encuentra en que tan bien cuidas tu piel y herramientas. Aunque, la informacion basica que debes conocer es la siguiente.

This isn't the first time I write about makeup. Within the years my interest in the topic has increase & I try to absorb as much as I can. To success in it, the key is in how well you take care of your skin & tools.
Although the basics are:
1. Wash your face on the morning & before sleep
Why: to prevent acne & premature aging. Plus to eliminate dust and pollution.
How: use warm water + soap (depending on your skin type. Ask you dermatologist what's the best one for you). Once it's clean, exfoliate it (one or two times per week).  
Then use cold water (or ice) to close your pores.
Products: Neutrogena - Facial Cleansing Car for Acne-Prone Skin & Clinique exfoliant scrub for oily skin.

2. Toner
Why: to close you pores. This is excellent for oily skin.
How: apply a few drops to a piece of cotton.
ProductsLancome Rehydrating toner / Dior Toning lotion

3. Moisturizer + Sunscreen
Why: to hydrate and avoid sunlight spots or even skin cancer
How: apply the product into cotton or your fingers.
Products:  Nars Oil-Free Moisturizer + Neutrogena Face Lotion Sunscreen SPF70

4. Apply makeup (foundation, concealer, face powder, etc.)

Other products for your consideration:

Tell me about your skin care products!

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  1. ¡Hola bonita!

    Me he encontrado con tu blog en BEE; he estado leyendo tus posts y desde ya mismo te sigo, por cierto gracias por la info para cuidar la piel :D

    Quería dejarte este TAG y nominar tu blog aquí: http://www.bohemianvanilla.com/2013/10/liebster-award.html :)

    ¡Un abrazo desde Colombia!


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