Sep 9, 2011

Taking care of your skin

There's a moment when our skin screams for help, have this happened to you? 
Sometimes our daily makeup routine isn't the perfect one for us & with time passing by, the presence of acne & dry skin shows.
A few  days ago I was looking for new translucent powder & ended up trying a whole new makeup routine. The store's name is FACES & i'm pretty sure lots of girls from my town knows it.
The sweetest lady ever with brushes, powder & other products in hand started magic!
While she began removing my previous makeup, I instantly thought about the good & wrongs things i was doing to my skin, then i went home & started a list of things i wanted to try & some others i have to end or improve:

1. Drink water!

Yes, you read it right, DRINK. I have a serious love for Coca-Cola =/ & the lack of water i drink worries me.
If WE drink water our skin can looks younger 'cause it will be properly hydrated. Try it for a week, seriously u'll see the results. That will be my goal: to drink at least 2 liters of it everyday. By the time i'm writing this i already drank 1 glass.  One pass at the time.

2. Sunscreen

Lately, there's no way i'm leaving home without sunscreen. NIVEA products are pretty much what we need to protect us. I'm 20 & i'm one of those women who are afraid of get into 30's with wrinkles and everything & an amazing way to prevent early wrinkles is using as much protection as you can & accepting them (JA!)
Try to use the highest SPF as you can,  avoid the Sun between 11:00 - 16:00 & use an umbrella.

3. Makeup remover

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES sleep with your makeup!!! There's a high probability u'll wake up with a miserably enemy on your forehead or cheek. The  makeup stays on your pores & this my friend, IS NOT GOOD AT ALL.

I personally use NIVEA Daily essentials 3 in 1 waterproof make-up remover & Nivea Daily essentials refreshing cleansing lotion .You can find these at supermarkets, drugstores & personal care stores.

4. Invest in good makeup

The difference between a good eyeliner/powder/foundation it really shows when you compare one of other & when you personally use them.
I HIGHLY recommend you this: BEFORE you want to invest (yes, invest! Makeup should be part of your budget) in any product go to a store devoted entirely or at least a store who has a special section for makeup. ASK FOR HELP & BEFORE buying something TRY on your skin, see the reaction to it & if really fits on you.

At the beginning of this post i told you about this store, "Faces". The products i tried were:

- Perfecting skin smoother, it creates a barrier between your foundation and your skin. I felt in-love with it. My skin looked whole different, it had that special effect i wanted.

- Concealer, with this your skin can looks imperfection-free.

- Dual Powder Foundation, since a few months ago i stopped using foundation. The one i used created a thick effect on my face & i wasn't happy about it. And i didn't felt my powder was the correct for my skin, so i was very pleased when the lady applied me the Dual Powder Foundation. My face looked with glow, not thick.

So, right now i'm saving to invest in anything but skin care. Shoes & clothes can wait for now!

Woke up in Pop/Rock mood!

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