Sep 11, 2011

New York Fashion Week Part 2

I probably should be studying right now, ughh... guess school can't wait? 

By this time maybe i have an overdose of fashion & i'm loving it. 

The Row

Since the beginning of the label, truly representative of the Olsen's style, I've always been expecting chic & exclusive designs, fulled  of the New York air with a touch of youth. That's exactly what this collection is about. White & breezy pants, flat,s tunics, chiffon, minimal & weightless, that's The Row.

As Mary-Kate said:“We wanted something floating and angelic, but also to have things that made a sound.”The aural element came from the clink and swish of the densely embroidered shell pieces—a shift, a cutaway bustier, and a bag encrusted with mother-of-pearl paillettes inspired “by Nick Cave’s Sound Suits,” Ashley told.

Jason Wu

Incredible, beautiful, wearable, stunning, elegant & classic. A high-light collection we all wanted to see.  Jason Wu is a designer who respects women body & design having our bodies in mind.
The simplicity but well done assembled collection represents every girl's dream with pop art color dresses.


  1. These pictures are so ispiring! Love NY fashion week so much!


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  2. the jason wu collection always makes me glad to be a girl so I can dream about wearing one of his designs...


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