Feb 8, 2012

Yes, i know. Forgive me for the lack of post, BUT i have a lot to tell!
2012 is treating me well, so far, & part of my non-shows is because i can't find the time to blog due to i'm working right now =). I got a job on December (it was really exciting until the end) but things went not what i expected and then i had to quit. SURPRISINGLY i got  a new job just hours later JAA =D! So, believe me, i don't have a "life" right now but i love it.

On the other hand (fashion-related) there are so many sales at SPS &  for me right now is all about nude color... i'm truly in love with nude pumps, wedges and peep-toes! It's an amazing way to give the "endless" legs effect.
So here at my picks.

With Love,
- Heydi C.

1 comment:

  1. Que bueno que conseguiste trabajo rápido :) I love nudo shoes too, pero no tengo ni un par! :P


¡Gracias por tu comentario! ~ Thank you for your comment,I really appreciated it :)

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